Anali Wong

Designer, Photographer, Art Director

As a young teenager I was obsessed with fashion magazines, often being told I had too many. I adored flipping through each page, inspired by layouts, colours, styling, and the creativity behind the design and photography. Little did I know this passion would develop into something more than just a leisure activity. 

Now, almost 10 years later, I am a graduate of Ryerson University's School of Fashion, majoring in Fashion Communication with a Bachelor of Design. During my time at Ryerson I worked as a Public Relations Intern at Holt Renfrew's head office, placed first in McGregor's Product Development competition alongside two group members, studied communication design abroad at RMIT University in Melbourne, and worked as an Art and Design Intern at The Kit. I am currently working full time as a designer for Aubs & Mugg, a multidisciplinary design studio with offices in Toronto and Ottawa, as well as freelancing in the areas of design and photography for clients such as Alyssa Yuhas Creative.